February Review: Kids, Buti Yoga, Rodeo Parade

We spent the majority of February getting ready for NCA Nationals - the biggest cheer competition in the country! (Dedicated posts coming, as soon as I can catch up! It. Was. Amazing.) We even ended up spending our extra free time with our new cheer friends' families. I'm so thankful for the people we've met through this!!!

Will *NEVER* gets sick, but he had a random fever one day & had to miss school. I relished such sweet 12-year-old-boy snuggles. (I'm lucky - he still wants to snuggle often, but this was extra lovey.)

I started taking a Buti yoga class - mostly b/c I like the instructor, and like me, she's trying to foster this format that's not something designed specifically by our gym's brand, so it doesn't get a lot of support. It's intense! It's like a cross b/t tribal dance, power yoga, & plyometrics, I guess? Definitely nothing traditional about it - very light on the yoga aspect, heavier on the tribal movement. Hard work, but fun!

When the kids had off school for Presidents Day, I took them to my barbell lifting class! The family that lifts together earns bubble tea together! ;-)

And for the third year, we marched in our local Rodeo Parade with cheerleaders from the youth rec league I run:
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  1. Y'all have been busy!!! Can't wait to hear about the nationals competition!


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