Double Awards: Sports + NJHS

Double award days for Will this week!!! First off, he was recognized for being a 7th Grade 2-Sport (football & track) Athlete:

Then he was inducted into National Junior Honor Society!!! ❤️ Soooo proud!!!!! (We only had National Honor Society in high school when I was growing up.)

To become a member of NJHS, you must be selected as a candidate by your chapter's faculty council. Students who meet their chapter’s cumulative GPA requirement are then considered for membership on the basis of service, leadership, citizenship and character.


  1. Congratulations to Will on his awards!! My high school sophomore was inducted into the National Honor Society earlier this spring. (They don't have the "junior" version at her school, but how neat for Will!)

  2. How exciting! I know that you're so very proud!


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