Adulting + Choir Honor

Recent adulting: went to a dermatologist for the 1st time ever to be responsible & get scanned, since I'm almost 40. I had one biopsy (the "beauty mark" under my right eye) & didn't even flinch. It came back all clear, so yay, and the derm gave me a big thumbs up on my skincare & sunscreen usage. Woohoo!!! I subbed Annelise's 5th grade class during Teacher Appreciation, I voted in our local elections, I ran a 3rd registration day for my youth rec cheer program, and I filled out every form under the sun for both kids' physicals (which were on the same day, before & during Annelise's cheer practice) & for Will's two summer football camps. Forms stress me out - I have to reread what I write 5 or 6 times, b/c I have to MAKE SURE I wrote the right thing. It's irrational, but I can't turn it off. #formphobia #thoroughbutpainfullyslow

We went to take some new staff pics at the local little boutique gym where I'm teaching Zumba on Tuesdays. Cute:

We discovered a utopia when we went to pick up the Krispy Kreme for Annelise's bday... THANK GOODNESS it's just far enough away to discourage impromptu pilgrimages! I give you: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts *right beside* the newest location of my beloved Kim's Tea House Tapioca! GLORY!

Big things:

*Annelise had one last holdover cheer honor from this last season: the team she doubled on won a paid bid to this new post-Summit competition called The Title in Dallas this past weekend! One last time to shine before this new season's teams are officially set this week! (Dedicated post coming...) She also moved up to advanced tumbling!

*Will got National Junior Honor Society & will be inducted on the 25th, after his Athletic Awards the 24th. His choir 80s Pop Show was this past Friday, so JB had to send me video to Dallas!!! A few pics:
And *THE* BEST news - HE WON THE YEAR'S CITIZENSHIP AWARD!!!!! Soooooo proud, but gut-punched to miss it! This was the best pic JB got, b/c he wasn't expecting it :-D

*I'm taking my PiYo Live instructor certification this coming Friday - really excited to expand my fitness professional acumen & abilities!


  1. Wow - SO much going on!!! A huge congratulations so Will on winning the citizenship award!! I know y'all are so proud of him!

    Yes, I have fair skin, so I'm religious about going to the dermatologist once a year to get checked out. Glad everything looks good for you!

    Cute staff pic, and I love the term "formphobia!" I actually am the total opposite - fly through the forms, and just get an answer down so I can move on. I'm sure they appreciate your method much more ;)


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