40th Bday + Big Bambú

40!!! I’m 40!!! 🎉 Growing up, everyone talked about 40 as old & “over the hill” — I’m here to affirm that 40 kicks 20 & 30’s derrière! :-D I’m *much* STRONGER, HEALTHIER, & HAPPIER now than I’ve ever been in my life!

JB sent flowers & an edible arrangement (instantly eaten! ;-)) from his work trip last week:
I had a fab Sweet Paris brunch with cheer mom BFFs:
I also got bubble tea, taught a joyously killer PiYo class, & got to see parts of Annelise’s brand new competition routine the evening of my actual bday = excellent gifts!

The *only* thing I reeeally wanted to do to celebrate my birthday this week was go to BIG BAMBÚ: This Thing Called Life at MFAH with my kids...& everyone have a good attitude (*ahem, teens* :-P) about it. Immersive, interactive art installations are my FAVORITE, and this did not disappoint!

Big Bambú, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s latest interactive exhibit, is composed of approximately 3,000 bamboo poles lashed together with colorful cording and extends 30 feet from the ground. Created by artists Mike and Doug Starn, the bottom level of the exhibit allows you to walk through a forest of crisscrossed bamboo poles, the supporting base of the exhibit. By walking up museum stairs to the second level of the hall, you can access a walkway formed entirely of bamboo that bridges the gap between the floor and the towering second level of the exhibit.

Time lapse of me walking through:


  1. Happy, happy birthday my sweet friend!! I know the 40s will look great on you! :) I'm at the other end of the 40s, and can say that these have been some of the best days, both personally and for our family.

    That art exhibit looks so cool!!!

    1. Thank you, my precious friend!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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