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Waiting in the security nightmare of CLT to get home to HOU, reflecting on this week & feeling like I need to share my prayer requests. It’s been a hyper-emotional summer so far, not only for us worried about when we’d lose our Bonnie Blue beagle, but for so many friends & fam, too. When we were at Tweetsie, riding up front on the engine with our BFF who works there, a steam valve violently burst, emergency stopping the train - 1st time in our YEARS of riding up front that anything’s gone wrong! (We didn’t get burned - it was just intense & unanticipated!) I kind of feel like that small craziness ended up being the perfect metaphor for the week. Only one beloved I talked to this week wasn’t going through something extremely stressful or upsetting; I don’t know how to turn off letting it weigh me down, so the one useful thing I can think of is pray. Pray for God to bring healing restoration, courage, new hope, & fresh joy to all those on my heart re: kids, divorces, depression, provision, & relationships. Thank y’all for holding space for us & lifting us up. ❤️ Two specifics I can openly name: 1) us being home for the 1st time ever w/o Bonnie there; we got her 2 months after our wedding in 2002 - how do we do our home life w/o her? And 2) for 2 friends from growing up whose mom, Becky, passed away Thursday - we were so close in high school, and I was always so thankful for the way she treated me with maturity.

With those concerns lifted, there is ALWAYS happiness to share!!! Tweetsie brings joy:

As does Joe Gibbs Racing:

On Thursday, I got to take class with my BFF, Wendy, taught by one of the best bosses I’ve ever had the privilege to work for! Cathy was my Group Fitness Department Head in Houston when I started at the fancy gym in the city; she’s running the newest club in Charlotte now. Texas misses her, but at least I had an excuse to see her! Two of my favorite ladies with me here, both always full of support, strength, & inspiration:

Extra thankful to get a quick catch-up with my grade school BFFs Friday night. It’s crazy how much our kids all grow year to year, and I love that they’ve started sharing their lives with each other, too. (Christa’s daughter, Kynzie, & Annelise are both cheering Senior Level 3 this year!)

Cherishing the awesome girl time shared with my mom, shopping for new school (not gym! :-D) clothes for Annelise, getting mani/pedis at my mom’s fave place where everyone knows, adores, & treats her like the VIP she is, and always sharing delicious food. Closing out with fireworks & face masks:


  1. So thankful we can carry every trouble and sorrow to God in prayer! I know your friends and family are blessed to have you taking their needs to Him.

    LOVE the dress Annelise has on in the Joe Gibbs picture! Glad you had this sweet time with friends and family!!

    1. Thank you, my precious friend!!! We had a horribly rough trip back today, too, but I’m already claiming tomorrow’s fresh mercy!!! ❤️
      Re: the dress - isn’t it great?! We got it with my mom = Target!!!

    2. Did you make it home okay? As Tracey said, your friends are blessed to have you praying for them so faithfully!

      Other than all of the heart sorrow, it looks like you had a great trip! How fun to catch up with your friends from school!

    3. I still can’t believe all the mess the enemy tried to throw at us as soon as we returned - the biggest: my truck broke down when we stopped for dinner on the way home from the airport and had to be towed to a dealership to be repaired; but it had to sit there at the restaurant from Sat night until the dealer opened, again, Mon morning. Sooo thankful, though, that JB could take Monday off to help get it sorted out and play chauffeur to all of our normal obligations, until it was fixed. ❤️


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