Spring Break

Small Spring Break happys: no glam trips here - most of our break has been gyms + cleaning/organizing (kids’ disastrous upstairs; me reselling all the Lilly Pulitzer I don’t wear in my closet - holy overwhelming venture! Dedicated post coming...) But we’ve had some sweet pleasures: family pizza, Annelise & I had hot tub & steam room time at our fancy gym before bed one night, we got Bailey’s claws cut & ground (major happiness, as much as she climbs on our laps!), I subbed a few extra amazing classes, we got Chinatown bubble tea (osmanthus oolong = my fave outside my normal ginger oolong), did glitter nails with BFFs after teaching Wed PiYo, and we got a couple special green original glazed Krispy Kreme’s for free a day early on Thurs! (The greens were supposed to come out Fri for St. Pat’s weekend, but they did a mini test batch Thurs they couldn’t sell = free gifts! Such a simple joy - I really wanted one, but I certainly wasn’t going back 2 days in a row. :-P)

Speaking of food joy, my favorite “healthier” (high protein, high fiber, low cal) ice cream is Enlightened. (No compensation for saying this; I just actually love it.) They have *tons* of flavors, but they aren’t all available in every store. There’s *one* I’ve been obsessing over the idea of for MONTHS...to the point where I’ve considered driving 20 minutes to the closest store listed... And then today at our blessed HEB (the best standard (non-Trader Joe’s/Aldi/Costco) grocery store EVER!) my eyes fell upon the pint of my dreams by a “New Flavor!” sign. :-O Talk about signs - this was a clear, “Hi, Love! Just wanted to bless you!” sign from God!!! I don’t care if that sounds too dramatic for ice cream; God knows what touches us! ❤️ :-)

Big deals for each kid: while we didn’t take an envy-inducing Spring Break trip, each kid had a special night. ❤️ JB & Will went to the Houston Rockets vs. GS Warriors NBA game Wednesday night - this was the Christmas gift from Grandma & Grandpa they’d been anxiously awaiting for over 2 months! Friday night, JB & Annelise had a daddy/daughter dinner & a movie night! (Pics of either? I wasn’t there, so of course not. :-P)

Random truth: I’m shocked at how much the time change is *still* keeping me awake so late! Pray for me to knock out early Saturday night with Praise Team Sunday morning...

A closing story: 4+ mile nature walk with Annelise & Bailey = almost 80°F, breezy, occasional wafts of flowers & barbeque, BLISSFUL ...until we got back to the truck, where I realized the truck key had fallen off my key ring! :-O Of course, we hadn’t stayed on the boring concrete path - we’d meandered through the grass for MILES - and Annelise & I had passed the keys back & forth multiple times as we switched leash duty. :-( Backtracking over a mile was *NOT* what I had planned! But PRAISE GOD, the key was exactly where I had dropped the ring when we stopped for this pic below (warrior 3 for my current PiYo classes!) WHEW!!! So praise for finding it...and I guess for an extra almost-2-mile jog! :-D #idontrun #myfeetwereangry (Also praise that it didn’t start raining, that I was fit enough to run that far back & to the truck again, that I stayed calm, that I had several solid guesses of where it could be, that no one grabbed it trying to be “helpful”, and that we weren’t under a time crunch & this extra half hour didn’t make us late anywhere...) It was a walk to remember! :-D


  1. Sounds like a very nice spring break!! I need to check out that ice cream, too!

    We are on spring break this week, and just spent Sunday through Wednesday with my family in Virginia. Today was a driving lesson with a driver's ed instructor for my younger daughter, and my older daughter and I scouting out a location for her senior pictures. We're also doing the seasonal clothes switch out and shopping for soccer cleats for my younger daughter tomorrow. Not a lot of exciting stuff, but it needs to be done while they have a little down time!

    1. I eat a ridiculous amount of that ice cream! :-P

      Y'all are having a very productive Spring Break!!! Excellent!


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