Best of Houston: DumplingDudez + Color Factory

When my mom comes to visit, we always try to do “cool stuff.” On her recent trip, she, Annelise, & I took a dumpling cooking class with the DumplingDudez = cannot recommend highly enough!!! Mike & Chih taught us everything - how to make the dough from scratch with natural colors: beet, carrot, turmeric, butterfly pea flower, ube, etc., how to properly roll, fill, & fold unique designs (Annelise even made a baby Yoda :-D), and we enjoyed it all in their joyous, comfortable space, topped off with dessert on their dreamy rooftop!

A couple days later, we did Color Factory = gorgeous! We loved that it was more than just photo ops (although, we *ALL know* pics were my #1 goal! ;-D) There were sensory activities & multiple treat tastings (black hole ice cream & mochi were my faves!)


  1. So neat that y'all get to embrace new experiences with your mom!! I know those are wonderful memories for all of you!


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