Paradoxal Superstar

After sorting through a good portion of Grandmommy's glassware (oh, the vases!), stemware (& I thought *I* was a cup junkie!), and silver serving pieces, Mom & I slipped off this afternoon for a thanks-to-Groupon mani/pedi session at Jon Ric Hair Spa. It was my first spa mani since I started doing my own Gelish at home; I don't take the time to do the lotion hand massage, etc. for myself, so this was luxurious. :-) [And I know my mom reeeeally needed this after the stress of this last week.]

I went super fall, color-wise. [Y'all! It is COLD here!!! Like the 60's! ;-) I'll be glad to get back to standard Texas October 80's! :-D Sure, it's nice to see the leaves turning, but really - I'm chilly.] So, colors - on my toes, I got Chanel's Paradoxal - a purple grey with a tiny hint of iridescence:

On my fingers, I got Deborah Lippman's Superstar - a dark metallic brown copper that's total glitter bomb...but as subtle(:-P) as glitter bomb can be... (I know - so *me* :-D)