Grandmommy Gone Home

My Grandmommy went home to be with the Lord early Saturday morning. She was 100.5 years old, and what a life!!! Of course, no one wanted it to be time...except her. She was ready. She told my mom she was ready. She had over 100 years of amazing health and service to everyone around her; it was time to hear God say, "Well done," and be reunited with her husband after over 34 years. (Grandaddy passed the month before I was born, which actually solidified my bond with Grandmommy, since my birth gave her something positive to focus on, instead of mourning. :-))
[My Daddy took this photo the first time he met my Mom's parents. :-)]

We used a portrait of her at my & JB's wedding for the newspaper; she never aged! (I hope those genes are in play with me! :-D)

The circumstances are obviously crushing, but we have personally been so blessed when it comes to all of the travel logistics to get us home to NC. On Saturday morning, I *NEVER* thought we'd be able to fly SATURDAY EVENING, but we were blessed by a BFF w/ airline connections to get us out on standby! ♥ I had a Sbux chai and an ENTIRE ROW to myself on the flight, w/ JB & the kids all together across the aisle ;-) More sweet friends are taking care of our Bonnie Blue beagle, and my BFF Jackie picked us up in ATL (the only standby flight was to ATL instead of CLT) and housed us overnight:
This was such a bonus blessing, b/c heaven knows when we would have otherwise been able to come together; and now I've gotten to see her gorgeous new house (they moved back to Georgia literally THE DAY AFTER we moved to Texas this summer - so bittersweet!!!) and have a night of girl talk into the wee hours...

My cousins drove down to ATL to retrieve us Sunday morning for NC, and we were safe & sound with my mom by lunchtime. God answered all of our travel mercy prayers - praise!!!

I focused on the positive at her funeral on Monday: I was so happy to hug on & see so many precious people I haven't seen in years and be surrounded by family & love. ♥ We celebrated an amazingly blessed life with assured salvation!!!


  1. I love the picture of your grandparents together...the love they had for each other is so evident in it, and it's so obvious how blissfully happy they were together (and now they're reunited)! :)


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