Mommy or Me?

My mom was going through a few of her old things at my Grandmommy's house, [BTW: Grandmommy is under hospice care, very weak, mostly sleeping, but in no pain & clear the few minutes she's awake ♥ ] and when she found this picture, Hershel and our good friends Jan & Shana thought it was *ME* - they couldn't believe it was my mom in college at Wake Forest homecoming, (circa ~1970). Mom says she just cannot see the resemblance (we've always joked how we look nothing alike) but I think it looks JUST like me with dark hair! What do y'all think?

Over 60 friends commented on (& almost 70 "liked") it on FB, and they all agreed: "Omigosh! I thought it *was* you!" :-D

I love having this photo!!! :-)


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