2012 Digiscrap Catch-Up

I haven't posted any of my scrapbook pages since I had our last complete family book printed in August! OK, so that's mostly b/c I just now caught myself up all the way back to September. :-P Yep - I just recently scrapped twenty pages. I *reallyreallyreally* don't want to let myself get that behind, again. (Although, I had all sorts of valid extenuating circumstances - like wanting to wait out cheer & football seasons to do those complete pages, blah, blah, blah... ;-)) On the flipside, this makes a nice little review now of 2012 since Labor Day to start the new year! :-D [If you want to know HOW to digiscrap, (or at least how *I* do it) click here for all my details. (You can see these pages below a little bigger by clicking on each one or more so by going here and clicking on each.)]



Fall 2012 Texans Cheer:

Fall 2012 Falcons Football:

Annelise's 1st Grade Class Trip October 25th:



Christmas Prep:


MI Christmas:

NC Christmas: