I *KNEW* today would be AWESOME when it started with a hot air balloon flying over our heads on the way to school...

So y'all remember how disappointed (and, yes, plain old mad) I was when I didn't get the Zumba class I believed I would this month at the gym location right here by our home? Well, I was asked by that new girl to sub *the* class today, b/c she had a school thing. ABSOLUTELY! And I made sure to tell her, "Anytime you need a sub, just let me know! This is a perfect time for me, so I can always cover you." Another instructor (my friend who's expecting) needed me to sub for her yesterday, as well, [YES! I have definitely gotten my fill this week! :-D] and she made a point to tell me our "boss" told her the new girl is having a time conflict with her college class & *the* Thursday Zumba class. Hmmmmm... I told her to feel free to tell our "boss" (in quotes b/c we're teaching equals; she just sets the schedule) that I would be thrilled to take over *the* class, if the new girl needs to give it up!

That was last Thursday. I didn't ever hear anything else.

I got a little nervous. Not b/c I expected to get a call handing me the class on a silver platter...but b/c I know I have whined & complained about this whole situation, and now I worried I was trying to manipulate what God wasn't ready to give me. *THAT* is a scary prospect. I prayed on my walk to pick the kids up from school Tuesday; I asked God to please NOT let me have this class, if it's not right for me. Please do not let me mess up my dynamic & place in the gym organization with any bitterness. I only want this class if it's from God - not from me thinking I can make something better than His plan happen on my own.

*deep breath* OK, feeling better. :-) Yay, peace!

Subbing for my pg friend ROCKED yesterday: I had two ladies tell me it was the *BEST class they had EVER taken* at the prestigious gym!!!

This morning, I went to my fave Yin/Restorative yoga class for an hour at 8:30 before subbing *the* Zumba class at 10. I wondered if I'd be too blissed out to go my normal nuts in my Zumba :-P but nope - I think the yoga just made my body more receptive! (The yogi, Cindy, told me that's the case for her - she loves cardio after yoga; I was only skeptical, b/c it's such a calming class - all slow poses lying down on the floor for relaxation. I am serious: Cindy is an angel. I want to record her saying, "Slide your shoulder blades down your back," in her soft, hypnotic tone on my phone, so I can just replay it anytime I'm stressed and want to instantly relax! :-D)

So *the* class: I thought our "boss" was going to participate, so she could evaluate me to finish the final step of the 5 Star Instructor Training I began early in January, but I didn't see her until the very end. She was in her office, which is attached to the studio room, but I couldn't see her. Oh well. I just let it rip, completely natural and comfortable doing what I do. I had 35 students, and everyone seemed to love it! Afterwards, I stuck my head in her office to smile and say hi. I told her how much fun I had and...

From there, she launched into my evaluation! Apparently she *was* evaluating me from her office: she said I had wonderful musicality & song choices - a great mix, and (the kicker) she was getting fantastic member feedback about me. Turns out, she was pulling participants into her office door at the end (I thought they were just leaving!) and asking them what they thought about me & my class. :-D At this point, I said, "Oh, that's so great! Well, I'm available anytime [the other girl] needs a sub for this class! It's a perfect time for me, and they were a blast!"

Then it happened.

She furrowed her brow and looked...serious. She said what I already knew through the grapevine - that the other girl was probably never going to be able to do this class now, with her school schedule. I gave my honestly genuine [b/c finding subs is STRESSFUL] sympathetic "oh, that's tough!" face. Then she asked, "Could this time work for you? Would you be interested?" ARE. YOU. FLIPPING. KIDDING. ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I honestly hope she was just trying to save face and that she hadn't completely blocked out of her mind that *I* was the one who originally asked to add a Zumba for me in this time slot back in November and that I had asked, again, when the January schedule came out a few weeks ago. :-P "OF COURSE! I would LOVE it!" :-D

So it's mine now. Effective immediately. I am so thankful I prayed for this to only come from God! Now I can revel & enjoy getting the local class I've wanted since August, and not worry if perhaps my scheming stole it in bad timing. :-D God will ALWAYS work everything out for your good when you believe, [but I *am* surprised at how fast He delivered! ;-) :-P]


  1. CONGRATS! My dad always says, "God's got a plan!" So... it worked out. :)

    So do you have the other class you were given also? Teaching two classes, or just "the" class now?

  2. YES! I have BOTH classes! I'm so glad, b/c even though it's further away, I do still love that Monday class (& having the excuse to go over to that awesome area, too. :-)) God is SO GOOD!

  3. how great! it is so true that God has His own plan for us and as soon as we accept it, things fall into place! :)


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