Getting Over It

So, I've been quiet for the last week... Not b/c nothing was happening...but more so b/c something *was* happening, and I was doing everything in my power to resist the temptation to complain & gossip about it here. I didn't want to let myself go off in print this time, b/c #1 - I prayed about this and needed to get serious about letting God handle it, and #2 - I already vented in person to a few friends, so writing it out wouldn't be as much of a release valve as it would be me blowing it up even bigger.

Now that I have peace, I feel like I can share from a point of praise instead of bitterness...

I teach Zumba at a prestigious gym about 20 minutes away. They also have a location that's only 5 minutes away, but there were no class openings, even though they hired me there in August. The group fitness department head kept telling me ad nauseam to wait until January. The January schedule came out, and not only was I not on it, but someone new with less experience was given the slot I had requested. (See, this is where the smoke started billowing out of my ears. ;-)) I exchanged communication with the group fitness department head, expressing my hope to teach at this closer-to-me location and asking if that would be which she replied, "not right now." I was filled with...many not-nice thoughts and questions. I wanted to stew in my pot of anger & bitterness...but I sucked it up and prayed for God to work this out for my best. Honestly, folks - there is NO BETTER OPTION. If God wanted me to have that class, I would have that class. Period.

The day after I gave up my rage, another Zumba instructor called me in a slight tizzy. She just found out she's expecting and was freaking out over how many subs she'll probably need this year. I was the first person she told out loud that's she's pg - even before her husband! (that day was their anniversary, & she was telling him when he got home ♥) - and the first Zumba person she thought to call. :-) God knows my heart: I don't Zumba for the paycheck (HA!!! :-P) and I don't need 15 classes on my permanent schedule to validate me; I just want to jump around, dance, and have fun with people! This is going to be a wonderful way for me to get a bunch of extra classes and not have to be on the hook for more days that *I* would have to get subs, if - by the grace of God - we get to go on a vacay or two. ;-) Plus, I'm truly helping a friend! (Finding subs is a major point of stress for most instructors - esp. for daytime classes.)

To top off the week of Zumba drama, my class size yesterday for my Monday morning class DOUBLED!!! This is *hugehugehuge*, b/c it's really a struggling time slot, and I did NOT want to get canceled! Thank you, God!!! I also got peer evaluated (for the 5 STAR training) yesterday and totally rocked that, too! So I'm reveling in Romans 8:28 and waiting to see what He's got for me next that's even better!


  1. Love how you handled this by giving it to the Lord!! What a blessing to see how things worked out for you!

  2. So glad to hear your patience paid off! Sometimes we need to step back and just let things unfold on their own, for the better or worse. :)

  3. Amen, y'all! :-) Thank you for the support!!! ♥

  4. isn't it wild how these things happen? :)


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