Obsessed: Bubble Tea & Escapada

Annelise totally caught me in the act!!! :-D
Yes, I confess: I went to bubble tea, again, today... :-P

This gotcha pic makes me giggle; but it does capture two of my current obsessions:

There's a *NEW* bubble tea spot here, and not only is it now the closest, but it is also the BEST quality!!! Kim's Teahouse & Tapioca has usurped Sbux as my ultimate liquid pleasure source. I'm still getting my favorite cream tea flavors - almond, taro, and plain milk tea - with tapioca; but I love that this place blends whole fresh fruit with ice for its slurpies & smoothies - no fake mixes, a la Island Oasis. :-P I don't feel the least bit bad about letting the kids get a blend of fresh mango, ice, & a squirt of honey as a dessert treat when we're out! We discovered Kim's was finally open last week...and I admit I've been there more days than not. ;-) It makes me sooooo happy!!!

And *I promise* I am not cheating on Lilly Pulitzer...but y'all, I have found Escapada Living. It's a boutique brand based in Charleston, SC. I am absolutely in love with their prints and styles! I have one of their dresses - the "Everyday Dress" in Pink Morocco Geo in the photo above - and I am dreaming of more pieces...
The sad thing is that they do not sell online (yet?) and the only boutiques around here that carry it are in Galveston & Lake Jackson. I will definitely be hitting up their Charleston locations, if we go back to the Carolinas sometime this summer!


  1. I was cracking up when I saw this pic, it looked like a TMZ paparazzi pic! And I promise I won't tell Lilly you're cheating on her. :)

    I have never had bubble tea before...where would you recommend to go in the Detroit area?

  2. HA!!!!! You *totally* hit the nail on the head re: looking like a TMZ paparazzi pic! :-P

    Bubble tea in the D: unfortunately, I found the D to be a black hole of bubble tea. :'( [But honestly, Chicago & TX are the only 2 places we've lived with a plethora of bubble tea options.] There used to be a great place (Tiki Tea) in 12 Oaks that closed a few years ago; and my go-to place in Plymouth - Ginger Pan-Asian - apparently has closed now, too. People rave about Bubble Island in A2, and maybe they've really made their tea better, but I didn't care for it when we lived there. (Last time I went to Bubble Island was literally 2008, though, so they really could be better now that it's gotten more popular?)

  3. That dress is ADORABLE, and you wear it well! I can't believe you are wearing sandals! Holy Cow, we are freezing to death up here in Chicagoland!


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