Off My Wall: Back to Texas Hodgepodge

Random shareworthies on my mind and off my FB wall:

* I was so relieved to get back to Texas after two long weeks away. And that actually surprised me. I've always been the Travel Queen...but this was the first time we've had to fly multiple places over Christmas...and it was...just a lot. (Of ticket cost. Of holiday & bad weather airport stress. Of crazy bulky winter clothes. :-P) I looked over at my mom on the morning of Wednesday Dec. 26th and said, "I feel like this is the first time I'm getting to really talk to you!" And then we got sick! I'm so very thankful for everything our families did to accommodate us - picking us up, dropping us off (4 hrs away in ATL for my parents!), feeding us, and even shipping our big Christmas presents home to Texas for us! ♥ We are so blessed!!! But was a lot. For everyone. [I'm up for reevaluation of Dec. 2013. ;-)]

* As soon as we got home, I resisted the massive urge to collapse in my still-sick state. I confirmed the kids' new pediatric dentist I'm excited about *is* covered with our insurance, and I also found a new dentist for me - an anxiety-inducing necessity, but I am so proud I didn't put it off longer. [And this guy's website mentions paraffin wax hand dips amongst his "comfort amenities" - yes, please! :-P] I also had my suitcase unpacked & put up first thing Friday morning!!! Now THAT is a HUGE one for me!!! I've been known to let them just sit open so I can grab what I need for months. Literally MONTHS. :-D

* My beloved Redskins broke my heart on Sunday. Shattered... :'(

* Also on Sunday, I had a required group fitness instructor training at a facility about 30 minutes away. It was called "5 STAR" - elevating my instructor skills to an even higher level! I got paid for taking the class - excellent - and it actually wasn't boring. :-) Now I have to peer evaluate two other instructors who took the training by going to their classes, and two must come evaluate my Zumba, to document which aspects (hopefully all!) of the 5 STAR training we are actively implementing in our classes. I'm not intimidated to be peer evaluated - I actually can't wait!!! Now *me* having to take my fellow instructor's cycle class??? EEEEK!!! [Why couldn't there have been more dance fitness people in the training?! :-P All my friends seem to be cycle = UGH! I HATE bikes; I have 5 coccyx bones (most people have 3) so anything involving sitting on my tailbone - biking, sit-ups, etc. - is extremely painful.]

* The training *did* have me invigorated for my Monday morning Zumba class, and my attendance was up, which was a big boost! :-) The kids were still out of school, (they went back today, Tuesday the 8th), so they were thrilled to get to go to childcare at the gym. It's not a nursery - it's a full-on play program! When I picked them up, Will was in the middle of a basketball game, and Annelise was in a climbing structure. :-)

* We hit hallowed Costco and scored by it being VitaMix demo day! I *love* getting new recipes for ours. ♥ I was excited for the quick soup recipe:

* "God does not love a future version of you any more than He loves you right now."

* I finally saw the Call the Midwife Christmas Special :') Now if I can catch up on the Downton Abbey premiere by Friday...

* I have been blessed two days in a row with hand-delivered gifts from BFFs: yesterday my Louisiana-native friend Sherryl brought us fresh, homemade pralines & cookies! DIVINE!!! Today, Donna brought me a taro bubble tea from the NEW BUBBLE TEA house that *finally* opened close to us! (It was supposed to open Dec. 1st; I was so disappointed it wasn't before Christmas!) It is SOOO MUCH BETTER than the other few bubble tea places closest to us! (The best ones have all been ~20 min away. :-P) I LOVE LIFE HERE!!! Such quality friendships... ♥


  1. You've been busy! Congratulations on your training! And I've been wanting to watch Call the Midwife, but I don't want to pay for it. I keep watching Netflix to see if it's there yet.

  2. Thanks, Nikki! :-) I hope it's out soon, too, but I also believe many PBS stations are replaying the whole season from the beginning fairly soon to prep for Season 2 the end of March. Check your local listings! :-D

  3. Wow - sounds like you've been super busy having fun!! So thankful you have good friends there who treat you well. :)

  4. I just feel so blessed here! I want to shout it from the rooftops! :-D :-P


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