Off My Wall: October

Random shareworthies on my mind and off my FB wall:

* There's nothing like watching the excitement & joy drain out of your kids' faces when you check them out of school early...for surprise flu shots! :-/ On the bright side, they may never dream of being checked out early, again. ;-) I will say, they asked for it like this. They FREAK OUT over shots, and I had them go with me for mine the week before to see it wasn't scary. They didn't buy it, and they said they *didn't* want to know when theirs were going to be, so they wouldn't worry ahead of time. Smart kids. [No, they can't have the flu mist; they both have reactive airway (asthmatic reaction to infections; but nothing exercise-induced) so they have to get the needles.]

* TRIUMPH!!!!!!!! I am so proud of Will, I could almost cry. His explosive tantrums over shots are legendary in four states; he always requires two extra nurses to hold his thrashing body down, and he terrifies every child within a two-mile radius with his wailing... *UNTIL THIS TIME!!!!!!* (Annelise was a mess, but) Will sat on my lap and didn't UTTER A SQUEAL OR SHED A TEAR!!!! I still can't believe this just happened. I keep telling him over & over, "You just conquered a MAJOR fear! I am soooo proud of you!!!" He has no idea how much anxiety HIS shots have caused me! Sis was never as bad as Will...until last year. She started freaking almost like he did, and then this time, she was bucking like crazy. She didn't get actually paralyzed w/ fear like he used to (he literally couldn't walk the three steps over to my lap after Sis would go) and I was strong enough to hold her down for the nurse (unlike him) but she pitched such a fit, Will closed his eyes tight & put his fingers in his ears to block her out. :-P Ahhhh, over until next year... ;-)

* New favorite YouTube in our house: Halloween Light Show 2013 - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)

* Hei├če Milch mit Honig (hot milk with honey) is so very soothing to sip at night! It's a German cure-all for colds, sleeplessness, etc. I just find it comforting. :-)

* Tell your family you love them, and pray for a friend of mine: last Friday was the painful 2-month anniversary of her father losing his battle with esophageal cancer; her dog [2 days older than our Bonnie :'( ] passed away 3 days earlier after living for ages with a large abdominal tumor and just being diagnosed with brain cancer & having horrific seizures earlier last week. THEN also last Friday...her mom suddenly passed away!!! Her mom!!! Hard to process... Lord, please have mercy. Lift her & her family up...

* Voted early this Tuesday morning! Got to the library 10 minutes before it opened to pick up the kids' books waiting on hold; but surprise: early voting was there & already open, so YAY for easy civic duty & not wasting time! Don't forget, Texans: TX now requires you show ID, so bring your drivers license.

* Intrigued: Savory Stuffed Pumpkin Recipe

* Went in for my iPhone upgrade today: cause for cheers (I only upgrade every 2 or 3 years, & even then, I always cheap myself down to the 2nd-newest model :-P ...until today!) and cause for freaking out (b/c I do NOT like "my stuff" changing! But I'm breathing, again, b/c my calendar transferred seamlessly; now to get used to iOS 7.) Yay for a better camera (my phone is my primary = worth it for me) and no more cracked screen (although I'm getting that one fixed (a la Groupon) for the kids to use as an iPod Touch).

* At praise team rehearsal tonight:
I posted this on FB, captioned "We are 'WAITING HERE FOR YOU'" - 1) b/c I'm singing that song on Sunday, and 2) the title is perfect, b/c our worship pastor & his wife are on their way home RIGHT NOW from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with their NEWLY ADOPTED SON! ♥


  1. I have the same thoughts about the same friend. I am just so broken hearted for her!!!

  2. Thinking of your friend and her family. :(


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