Body Image Issue Recovery + Shopping Becomes Fun

I have never really enjoyed buying clothes before. I'm not kidding. I love clothes; I just never felt like they looked as good on me as they did on the mannequins, in ads, or even on the hangar. Every try-on was a little let down. I don't mean to blow this out of proportion - I didn't think I was ugly; but I was *never* "the skinny girl", and I always battled weight-related body image issues. Again, nothing clinical or even abnormal for 99% of young women; but it's a fact that I was always disappointed when I tried on "that perfect outfit"...and it looked dumpier on me than I had envisioned. Clothes were a necessity I tried to make the best of; they weren't "soooo fun"...

...until now!!! :-D Three years ago, I was 20+ lbs. heavier with no muscle tone. I didn't look unhealthy...but I wasn't fit. Zumba changed that. ;-) [Remember the 1st class I ever took? I seriously thought I may pass out & drown in my shower afterwards. :-P Never did I dream I'd become a licensed instructor nine months later!]

For the first time in my adult life, I started to get excited about finding cute clothes, and I relished defining "my style" (monograms, Lilly Pulitzer, sparkles, yellow gold, navy = neutral, casual sweater- & sundresses, etc. :-))

In all honesty, ***it wasn't until I was put in charge of shaping others' body images (via Zumba) that I began to truly love my own.***

There is nothing more powerful than positivity!!! I am living proof. :-) I'd say the biggest change in my life in the last few years has been trying to ignore/eliminate as much negativity I encounter as possible. I feel weighed down when people complain ad nauseam, esp. about themselves. My favorite "quintessential Zumba Susie" quote I always end up cheering when I teach is, "You can't mess this up! You can't do this wrong! If you are moving and smiling, you are perfect!" Because they are. Every single one of them. And they need to believe it like I have.

So yeah. :-) I'm thrilled that even some things I bought last year no longer fit well, and since it's actually *FUN* now to shop...I have! :-D Old Navy (a fave of mine for inexpensive basics) had a 40% off everything sale this past Monday, so I got each of these for under $20 (except the cable knit = $22. The shoes were also $11.) The ultimate icing on this shopping cake? (Positive body image firing up:) every one of these looks better on me than in these ad pics!!! :-O #dreamcometrue I was actually *bummed* to see these, b/c I don't want y'all to think I picked blah, boring outfits! :-D [No worries - you'll see in them in action on here as we're out & about! ;-)]

Navy Stripe Terry-Fleece Shift Dress:
This dress feels nothing like terry nor fleece. (I was surprised that's what it's called. :-P) It's a thick knit - *perfect* weight for fall!

Navy Cable-Knit Sweater Dress:
If my mom could only dress me in one outfit ever, I think it would be cable-knit navy. :-D She's right: it looks great on me! ;-) Timeless & appropriate for everything: lunch with friends, picking up the kids, even church.

Heather Charcoal Button-Sleeve Ponte-Knit Dress:
It looks boring here, but esp. for singing in church, I needed a black-toned (read: not navy ;-)) non-print option. This one is also a tad longer on me than pictured.

Mid Tone Chambray-Shirt Dress:
This pic does not do it a bit of justice! I have always loved the look of shirt dresses, but they never looked good on my frame before. This one is *THE* CUTEST EVER! In my mind, I think of it as my Texan dress (even though Houston is the least "country western" place in the state, except for during Rodeo; and the dress really is not denim or country-style at all ;-)) but I can't wait to rock it with my boots!

Scrunch Ballet Flats:
So I am really hard on my feet, and since my job requires me to take care of them: for the first time in my life, I have chosen ultra flats. :-/ I would have *NEVER* been up for even trying them on, had my legs not shaped up first. :-P The bonus to these (other than being $11 on sale) is that they are soft - not rigid - over the cuneiform bones in my foot (base of the big toe.) The fact that they won't rub hard there when I step was the #1 selling point. (Bunion surgery for me in about 20 years! :-D)


  1. Looks like you got some great deals - and had fun shopping!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you!!! :-) And I hope this post didn't come across as pretentious at all - I mean it as a total praise report re: how God can change our mindsets!!! :-)

  3. OK... I think we REALLY need to see you in your new clothes! I'm super impressed you can wear those dresses with the flats! I would for sure need some tights and tall boots! I'm also intrigued by the short boots in the photos. Never in a million year could I pull off that look! I especially love the shirt dress. I bet it's super cute in real life. :)

  4. I'm not on board with those short boots, either. :-P I just cannot wrap my head around the logic of them! (Is there any? :-D)

  5. I felt the same way when I lost weight…I actually now enjoy shopping for clothes and I don't cringe at the idea of even trying them on in the fitting room. That shirt dress is *totally* Texas when paired with boots! And, yeah, I love navy too…it's the most common color in my closet besides black and gray. Navy looks great on *everybody*.


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