First Win of the Season!!!

Too excited to keep y'all in suspense: OUR FALCONS WON!!! It was awesome: 25-20 (us: 4 TDs, 1 extra pt; them: 3 TDs, 2 extra pts.) We led the entire time, but it was never a runaway; the other team was always on the verge of pushing ahead, so the boys really played their hearts out. It was wonderful to *FINALLY* get to cheer, "Mark it up, on the board! We just scored!" In all honesty, my voice was about to go on our 4th touchdown. :-P There are two "best parts" of this win: #1) it was clean! The other 3 teams we've played have been dirty bullies - literally throwing punches (one Cowboy last week got EJECTED for it! In YOUTH football!!!), using foul language, stepping on our players w/ their cleats when they're down, etc. We finally got to play against another clean team with integrity (we really like the opposing head coach - quality guy!) that doesn't engage in garbage football, and b/c of that, there were fewer penalties = just a better overall flow & good sportsmanship. #2) This other team was...the Texans! My old team from last year, when our family was split with Annelise & I cheering for the Texans, while JB & Will played with the Falcons! :-D It was a very sweet victory to beat their squad...and to have my cheer girls look AMAZING in front of our former fans!!! ;-)

The players getting ready to run through one of our team banners:

Yes, we have switched to pink sparkly poms & black socks w/ breast cancer awareness ribbons for the whole month of October! (B/c we have to be just like the NFL! ;-)) We looooooove these poms! They were pricier than I hoped for an extra cost, ($15.50 a pair) but they really sparkle, and they are professional grade! Oooo & ahhh! :-D

Winning huddle:

Celebrating our win with a pool party at one of the team families' homes:

Coach JB gets swamped:

Coming soon: halftime dance video! :-)


  1. So glad you played a "nice" team...I can't believe there are kids that young being taught poor sportsmanship...what a poor reflection on their coaches/parents. Winning is nice, but it's far more important for them to learn "life lessons" and to exercise.


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