I mentioned volunteering for the kids' school's Eureka science program before, and yesterday was my first chance this school year:

Will & his buddies were fascinated to make it rain inside a bowl. ;-) Water cycle: hot water in the bottom evaporates, turns back into condensation when it hits the ice cold "ceiling", and "rains" back down into the collection point in the bowl. (There was another experiment with pipes, where we had to figure out if the pipes were leaky or if they were dripping condensation; but this pic was better. ;-))


  1. Sounds like fun! I want my girls to like science; I didn't in my school days, but now thinks it's so fascinating!

  2. That sounds like a fun experiment. I might have to try it with my children.

  3. It *was* fun! :-)
    I loooved science in school, (even took Chem 2 for fun!), but hated math...which seems odd. :-P


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