Former Cheer Glory

Look what my mom found in an old box today!!! (Click on it to see the whole thing ;-))

*ME* circa 1986, winning my first league spirit award! (I won two more years, too! ;-)) How funny is this?!?! I remember that morning so clearly... The lady whom the award is named for (back row, right) had on the puffiest, floofiest white 80's sweater that was ever made. She looked like a cloud (not in a rude way! :-P) and I remember thinking it was a "big deal" to get our picture made for the newspaper with her. :-) I also remember consciously putting my poms in my right hand, so they wouldn't cover me up in the pic; and the funniest thing? That is still my natural standing go-to pose to this day. :-D

Yes, I had short hair my whole young life until I started growing it out in Germany; and yes, those uniforms were hideous in color, too:
We hated those neck ribbons... :-P

I'm so excited to share this with my cheer girls, so they can see what Coach Susie looked like at their same age! :-D


  1. This is so cute!! Glad your mom found this for you.

  2. Oh my goodness! Adorable!!

    I'm waiting to see your Old Navy shopping spree!! :)

  3. Y'all are so sweet!!! I'm so glad my mom found this, too!

  4. :) Isn't it awesome to uncover memories like this?


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