Back to Football Friday Nights

Our spring 7-on-7 football games have begun, again! We have 2 games each Friday night (one at 6, one at 7 - they're much shorter than tackle football games) through the beginning of May.
It felt like coming home to be back out on the sidelines during game time with our Falcons Family for the first time since November. :-)
The boys played so well! We won our first game, and Will even made an interception & ran it back for a touchdown!!! (Worst call of the century: the ref said he was tagged out at the *½ yard line*, so his TD didn't officially make the scoreboard; but EVERYONE knew he scored! We were comfortably up, so we didn't make a big stink about the call and just made sure he knew we all saw it. :-))
We technically lost our second game, but it doesn't count toward our league record, b/c it was against a 5th grade team. (We're 4th, but we'll be playing several 5th grade teams, b/c there are so many more 5th grade teams than 4th. It's a great challenge for our boys, those games don't count against our real record, and how amazing will it feel if/when we do beat one!? :-))


  1. Ah....back to football!! Sounds like a great way to spend spring Friday evenings!!

  2. It really *IS* my favorite!!! :-)


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