Surfside Beach Saturday

Last Saturday, we headed back down to the Gulf Coast - further south than Galveston, but not as far as Corpus Christi. We went back to Surfside for the second time. :-) I was excited to take my mom there, b/c it's very much like the quiet Atlantic beach we grew up visiting = the polar opposite of Myrtle. Just a beach, with nothing else to do. No shopping, no attractions, not even a bunch of restaurants. It's not the type of place where we'd want to vacay for multiple days, anymore, (I admit it: "just the beach" w/o also having the nicer distractions of our beloved Charleston, SC isn't enough for me as an adult now for an extended stay,) but Surfside is PERFECTION for a day trip.

The sand is soft & lovely. Annelise & Will loved playing, digging, & writing in it. :-) After the crazy cold (for TX!) winter that didn't seem to truly end until last week, the ocean was not warm enough for me to consider (I won't touch water until it's above 80°F!) but as you can see, Will jumped right in! :-P (Annelise actually did for a while, too! She did break out, but I watched closely, and she wasn't bothered.)

The cool thing about Texas beaches is that you can drive out & park on the sand. This is a parent's dream: no lugging all of the beach gear across feet-burning acres, no one whining this or that is too heavy, no dropping stuff. ;-) It's just all there with you, and having the truck is PERFECT for this!!!

Happy view... (made even better by capturing that Annelise had written "Family" beside us in the sand ♥)

Will & JB spent time tossing the football = their fave beach activity :-)

Annelise made a nest when JB sat down for a few minutes:

And she could not be dissuaded from bringing her most precious Woofi with her:

She tumbled with joy!

We stayed out on the beach for about four hours - perfect for as much playtime as we wanted. On the ride home, Will put his arm around me. He fell asleep, and his arm stayed. ♥ When he woke up, he kept it there, too...


  1. Wow - love that you can drive up on the beach and not have to lug everything with you!

  2. It really *IS* so nice! You can take a cooler, umbrella, chairs, & you can even leave some towels in the car, so they're actually sand-free when you're ready to get cleaned off! :-D

  3. you need to drive a little further down the coast and go to Destin. The water is way prettier. :)

  4. Ummm, a 10 hour drive is *NOT* a day trip! :-P


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