Annelise turned EIGHT on Friday, the 25th! And now that it's warm, again, I've started letting the kids bike to school on their own. [Big deal, loosening the apron strings! ;-) But our school is literally around the corner, and since there's two of them, they can watch out for each other. Plus, on the way they run into several trusted parent friends of younger kids who have no problem texting me if anything is ever amiss or if they ever act crazy! :-D]

Annelise gets so excited for school; she'd always rather be in school than on vacay. She pushed her boundaries of acceptability for the first time this year, (what she could get away with socially & "slacking off") but even at that, it was a natural age phase; it wasn't b/c she doesn't adore school. She gets so excited for projects! Here's one where she had to invent a product (CoCo Diamonds cereal) and create an advertising campaign:

Annelise adores Elsa & Frozen - it's the first show she's ever truly been obsessed with. (She has loved Ariel & Rapunzel, but this is very different - she sings the music 24/7, watches the DVD as often as we allow, wants me to do her hair like Elsa every day... :-))

She loves tumbling...and does well at it! She's had her back handspring with a light spot like this for ages:

I can't wait to see when she gets it on her own!

She loves all things crafty. She has her own Rainbow Loom YouTube channel; according to her teacher, she is the Queen of Markers; she's always coloring/drawing/cutting/creating something; and now she is most excited to learn how to sew!

She woke up Friday morning, the 25th, and said, "I feel older. I really do." ♥

[Stay turned for her birthday party & her amazing pom pom cake!]


  1. Happy belated birthday to Annelise!

  2. Aw - I'm sure she had a wonderful birthday!! Look forward to seeing the cake!


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