Throwback Thursday: April '82 & June '95

I am loving friends posting old photos of me on FB! :-P (No, I seriously am! Even the not-so-flattering ones. ;-))

My longest BFF (our moms were pg together with us :-)) Amy & I in April 1982:
We always loved this shot, b/c "we look like sisters." [This CANNOT have been 32 years ago!!! I remember posing for this! We were almost 4.]

Fast forward 13 years (or rewind 19 years from now?) to June 1995 with my pen pal, Elisha, in Indiana:
Did y'all have pen pals growing up? Ah, the pre-internet & email days! :-D When I was in 5th grade, my whole class in NC was paired up with another whole 5th grade class in IN. We wrote letters in class that our teachers group-mailed; and after 5th grade, Elisha & I decided to keep writing each other. We never stopped. :-) For her 17th birthday, our moms got together & flew me up to Indiana as a surprise visit, so we could meet in person. [PS - yes, my hair is red here. :-P I dyed it natural-looking auburn red this one time ever w/ stuff that washed out over about 5 weeks. That was about as edgy & rebellious as I got. :-D PPS - this is from a picture collage, so that's why the edges look cut; they are! ;-)]


  1. My cousin Diane lived in Kingsville (TX), and she and I wrote to each other for *years and years*. Loved it! I would also write to friends that I would meet at church camp, arts camp, etc, and those lasted from maybe a single letter to a one or two. I totally miss writing handwritten letters…you are motivating me to do this more! :)


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