Moody Gardens

We began our trek to Moody Gardens in Galveston last Friday by stopping on the way at Peña's Donut Heaven & Grill in Pearland to try dosants = Houston's version of the (now trademarked!) Cronut™. What's a Cronut™/dosant? Think of a croissant with many layers shaped & fried like a doughnut. Yeah...

Moody Gardens was wonderful!!! It's an educational complex of nature museums (housed in cool pyramids!) along with a huge paddleboat & IMAX theatre, and seasonally a ropes course, white sand beach & water park, and holiday festival of lights & ice skating. JB's parents gifted us with a membership this Christmas, and we are so excited to know we can go back whenever! We're really looking forward to Palm Beach (beach + water park) opening in a few weeks, but this visit, we focused on the nature museums.

In the Aquarium Pyramid, Annelise fell in love with the penguins...and they loved her just as much!

Shark caged!

We took an hour-long cruise out on the bay aboard the 1800's paddlewheel boat:

And in the Rainforest Pyramid, we saw all kinds of birds, butterflies, flowers, plants, and a few animals:

And there's STILL sooo much new to do next time! :-)


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