Titans' Backseat Driver

So, my laptop crashed this weekend, right after I scheduled that last Rice Performance post. It's not the end of the world, b/c I do 90% of my work on my phone...but I've always blogged on my laptop. :'( This stinks... but not enough to get a new computer, b/c honestly, I use it so little, it doesn't seem like a worthwhile purchase. Bare with me for a while...

My Dream Team Pink cheered for the Titans on Saturday morning. That football team was so kind & inclusive! They watched our entire halftime performance with respect & asked our girls to be included in a victory team pic!

Here's our halftime performance from Saturday to TobyMac's "Backseat Driver":


  1. Sorry to hear about your laptop :( but the pictures are great!

  2. I'm just now realizing how much I did on it. :'( I'm using Will's laptop occasionally for now. I hope we can get my files off my crashed one!!!


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