Not Backing Down + Pic Day

Our Saturday football performance this week went well. We did our Not Backing Down dance, again, but I sped up the ripples double time & did a different stunt pyramid pose. (You'll see the left shoulder sit almost fall - argh! - but at least Annelise was solid in the middle.)

I also captured the girls doing their FAVORITE new cheer: Ain't No Competition. It gets stuck in all of our heads! I honestly wake up in the morning and find myself chanting & patting out the cadence! :-P

Crazy cheer pile:

"Can we do a cheer up in stunts?" "Can we do our shoulder sit?" "Can we do our teddy sit?" "Can we do..." "Can we do..."
"Sure, just get your stunt of choice up..." And this is the randomness that you end up with! :-P

Our official league Picture Day was Sunday. I can't wait to see our official team photo - we got to do a stunt pose! - but we took these while we waited for our big group shot with Dream Team Silver. It looks cloudy, but that sun was BLAZING!!! :-D


  1. Your girls look like they have so much fun! Great pictures!!

  2. Aw - that Ain't No Competition cheer is so cute! Great pics!!


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