Field Performance Rice vs Baylor

My youth league cheerleaders had an AMAZING experience Friday night: we were invited to perform ON THE FIELD at the end of the first quarter of the Rice vs Baylor football game at Rice University in front of thousands of fans!!! We got to stand on the field for the National Anthem, after which we were taken out & around the stadium to come onto the field through the players' tunnel! We performed half of our Opening Ceremonies dance, (we had 1 minute, so I cut that song down to 55 seconds! :-D) and it just went perfectly!

Everyone I brought from our youth league: ~50 girls!

Here's the full dance video:

And here's a video one of my moms made that's focused more on our girls & encompasses the whole Rice experience:

They were *STILL* cheering in the stands after our performance...and they even made it up on the jumbotron TWICE! :-D


  1. Another neat experience for the girls!! Loved watching the mom-made video!

  2. I'm SO THANKFUL to have that mom on my squad this year!!! She sends me so many pics & great documentation like this!!!


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