September Winds of Change

Pumpkin spice season is here! JOYOUS! (I partake year-round, however these few months, the rest of the country does, too. :-P) But EXTREME caveat: it MUST also be VERY PUMPKIN & not just "pumpkin spice" meaning slightly cinnamon & clove-flavored. The "pumpkin" portion of the pumpkin spice equation is vital. Pumpkin makes it autumnal, not the spice. (Also, I don't drink Sbux Pumpkin Spice Lattes, b/c I hate coffee. I still drink my venti 7-pump no-water chai tea lattes, even during PSL season. ;-))

My heart has been awfully heavy the last few days for sweet friends dealing with life-changing circumstances... A precious BFF just lost her mom to cancer. Another is having an insane experience trying to get her child admitted for treatment, hitting one horrible roadblock after another. Both feeling helpless, despite being two of the strongest advocates & women I know. Pray for God's comfort & provision. I do know what it's like to lose a parent when you aren't living at home, so I feel better equipped to be there for her; but I cannot imagine how my other friend feels, having doors literally closed in her face when her child's well-being hangs in the balance.

Big change is also coming to my Zumba schedule: no more Mondays! My boss is switching my Monday class to Thursdays, so instead of M/W, we'll now be W/Th. It wasn't my suggestion, but I knew I couldn't keep my classes the same forever - my boss reeeeeally likes change for the sake of change, and I hadn't been changed in YEARS. I knew something like this would come. Truthfully, I'm not happy to let go of my Monday people; that class is usually bigger than Wednesday, and I have several ladies in there who work every other morning & only have Mondays off. I'm sad to lose them. But surely God must need me to reach some other people on Thursdays!!! Pray that they come...

I *just* had a bunch of new, fun faces last Monday. (I sooo wish I could've told them then about this schedule change, but I didn't find out until this weekend.) One lady in particular came up at the end: she has RA, miserably swollen on steroids, said my class was the first where she felt like she could actually do everything & that *I* made her day! NO: she made mine!!! She also lost her brother a year & a half ago, and my cool down song (Tell Your Heart to Beat Again) is her heart song to deal with that, so it was clear that God meant for her to be there. Looooove it when God brings healing & restoration to people together! Pray for that to translate to Thursdays!!!


  1. I just so love your attitude about how God can use these changes to help you touch other lives!! Hope I can remember that the next time a change affects me. :)

  2. I'm so sorry about your friends! I'm sure they appreciate your praying for them. I hope that your changes in Zumba go well, and that you see part of God's plan in that soon. :)

  3. Thank you BOTH so much! I'm not liking this Zumba change AT ALL, but I'm trying SO HARD to have a good attitude. There was a chance last week that I'd get my Mondays back...and it fell through. :-( God *HAS* to want me on these weird back-to-back days for a reason, so I'm digging deep to find peace & joy over it... Keep praying for me!!!


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