Dallas: Hypnotic Donuts & JFK Museum

After our amazing NCA adventures, we made a Dallas pilgrimage to Hypnotic Donuts. We had seen them on Unique Sweets on the Cooking Channel. Their fritters completely lived up to the hype, and their peach pesto fritter (yes, PESTO!!! with a white balsamic drizzle!!!) changed my life!
I still can't even get over this one. The peach pesto is a revelation! Fresh pesto - basil, garlic, Parm - mixed with peach, then fried, glazed, & swirled with that sweet white balsamic... It's heaven.

After indulging Annelise at Hypnotic Donuts, she indulged me by letting me fulfill a bucket list item: visiting The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. She was respectful, interested, not freaked out, & didn't rush us through. It was so powerful to be *right there* in a shockingly historic place I've learned about for years...


  1. Oh my goodness, that Breaking Bad Donut has my name all over it!!! How neat that you got to visit that museum - sounds so very interesting!

  2. Those doughnuts were AMAZING!!! I'm still dreaming of them...


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