NCA Nationals Extreme Experience

Annelise's main all-star team, Extreme (senior level 1) took the floor in the afternoons at NCA, after Power hit in the mornings. Candids at check in:

*TONS of pro performance
action pics next post!*

Extreme showed so much strength: after a usually-solid girl fell out of her elite stunt Day 1, we knew we couldn't win it all; and yet, they came back Day 2 with redemption in their sights!!! It was almost perfect, (one girl bobbled out of a back walkover, -0.25 otherwise they would have hit zero) and they ended up moving up to 7th in the country. We are all so proud of their perseverance!!!

Exploring NCA...

Blurry, but it's the only shot of the Extreme team moms at our team pizza party after Day 1:

Relaxing back at the hotel...

Annelise got this refreshing face mask in her Christmas stocking and wrote on the wrapper back in December: "for the night before Day 2 at NCA" - mission accomplished!

Our first National Cheerleaders Association Nationals in the books... I couldn't be more proud of Annelise - competing twice both days on 2 teams her very first NCA year, the sheer CONFIDENCE & JOY she radiated bowled me over!!! It was like she was competing on a whole nother level, showmanship-wise. My heart is so full, thinking about how much she's grown & how far she's come this year...

Stay tuned for the professional actions shots next post!


  1. Way to persevere and come back strong!! What a great experience for the two of you!


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