Y'all, I *TAUGHT* a Yin yoga class last week!!! It was AMAZING! I think I may have to get serious about certification...

How did this happen? No, I'm not certified for yoga, but I'm an employee, so when the Yin teacher didn't show, everyone looked at ME. (It's super rare for an instructor not to show up. I've seen it twice in 4.5 years.) I got permission from the Department Head, (b/c I'm not certified, I wouldn't do it without approval) & it was the most beautiful surprise!!! I pulled up all my fave yoga music on my phone, gave everyone the freedom to follow or do their own thing, and felt the flow. God totally gave me the grace to form a logical class on the fly, making sure the next pose was a good compliment to the rebound of the last, even my music made sense. Our hearts were so full at the end of savasana, we couldn't help but radiate smiles! I know that sounds cheesy & crunchy, but it's true. :-P I definitely felt the weighty responsibility of guiding the practice of all those people, but I also know exactly how bad they each needed that class, b/c I needed my Yin practice, too, and their gratitude that I could do this for them, so they didn't have to miss out, filled me to bursting! Surprising fulfillment!!!

Getting certified is a big deal - it's not like Zumba, where you pay $300 & earn the license in one weekend. It's like going back to school: 200 hours and every avenue I've looked into has been ~$3,000. It's definitely not something I can jump into without some major budgeting and planning. I had always thought in the back of my head that this was something I would do when the kids leave for college, but maybe I'm not supposed to wait that long? Pray for God to make it clear when He wants me to do this and for Him to provide the means when it's time.


  1. Glad you enjoyed teaching that class so much!! Trust that God will guide you into the right timing for pursuing the certification!

    1. THANK YOU!!! And guess what? I'm teaching it, AGAIN, *TWICE* this week at the little local gym where I teach Zumba on Tuesdays. One PiYo instructor is out this week for Spring Break, so I am subbing her two classes with my version of Yin that I am calling "Restore & Recover Stretch" (since I'm not certified & don't feel comfortable calling it official Yin yoga; I would be bothered if someone said they were teaching Zumba, if they weren't an officially licensed Zumba instructor. Just call it Dance Jam or something else. ;-)) The response has been EXTREMELY POSITIVE!!!


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