Bragging on Will

*Boasting Parent Alert* - 2 weeks ago (I'm late, I know; but today I actually remembered to make him pose with his accolades :-P) Will met his goal for the whole year (super early!) by getting on the AR (reading) WALL OF FAME at school. He read an astonishing 48 books for fun during free time in class just in February and also got the Good Worker award for the month! After showing up here this time last year from a school system that was really behind this one, I couldn't be more proud!!!

Will also came home with ALL 3's (best grade) on his report card last week!!! [Of course, we *expect* all 3's ;-) but his handwriting is truly horrific, so apparently he's being rewarded for his progress! Or else, his teacher has lost her mind... :-P]