Silhouette: Subway Art Instructor Pants

I've been excited to make a pair of "instructor" pants using heat transfer material with my Silhouette for ages, and I finally did it TODAY! [I did *NOT* use the word Zumba® or Zumba® logos anywhere on the apparel.] My original idea was to just have the word "instructor" in large letters going down the side of one leg, (I may do that on another pair sometime, ;-)) but as I went through my 800 (yes! EIGHT HUNDRED!) fonts, I had a hard time picking *the* one. I started lining up the word "instructor" in all the fonts I loved and planned to choose b/t. About three lines in, I thought, "Why not use them ALL?" The Subway Art word collage print trend is HUGE right now, and I think it's super cute! I used metallic gold heat transfer material on a pair of black Danskin bootcut yoga pants:

[Designing (mirror image for heat transfers) on the Silhouette computer program before sending it to cut:]

[Peeling away to clear the negative space:]

[Ironing the heat transfer material:]

[Close-up of the final design!]


[TA DA!!!]

Thanks(? :-P) to my children for camera work. :-D

And yes, I'd sell these. Email me, if interested!