Will Talking Future

I pray that Will will keep talking to me like he does now for years to come, well beyond the average "too cool for you" age cut-off...

The past two nights have been intensives on two of his most favorite topics with me:

Tonight was all about college. Will asked, "What's it like?" We discussed every.single.aspect for 30 minutes - how you choose the right college (class offerings, location, reputation, & scholarships), how it's different from grade school (you choose the classes you want to take based on what interests you, you're in the classroom for a shorter time but you have more homework), what classes I took, etc.

The night before was all about his ultimate passion - no, not NASCAR, Wii, or herpetology - but marriage. :-) He has been obsessed with getting married for years! I walked into his room to tuck him in, and he squealed, "Look at my table!" (He had set up every trophy and laid out every ribbon & medal he's ever earned.) "All the girls are going to see this and say, 'Oh my gosh! I have GOT to marry him!!!!!'" :-D We had another one of our myriad talks on who he might end up marrying, [he's already been through three beloveds - Kendall (still his NC BFF), Kaylin (neighbor up north), and now Kaylie (current girlfriend in his class)] and each time, I just keep saying, "It might be her, and that's great! And if it's not, God will send you someone you'll think is even better!" He counted the years until he can get married. At first, he stopped at 18; then we discussed why that wasn't as good as waiting until you're about 25, so that you can have gone to & graduated from college (thinking this ignited tonight's college query :-)), gotten a really good job, so you don't have to worry if you'll have enough money to pay for your house, food, lights, water, heat, car, doctor, phone, TV, computer, etc., *and* so you can buy the girl you want to marry a diamond ring! (I'd mentioned most of that in previous tête-à-têtes, but we'd never really talked about rings before. :-P) I showed him mine, and he was definitely on board with that plan! :-D JB doesn't like this topic with him, but I think it couldn't be a more perfect mother/son matter. I know how much he ponders it, so I even prayed for his future wife during his prayers that night: I prayed that, wherever she is, she had a great day today, that she's growing up in a happy household, and that she's having a great life that will shape her into the perfect partner for Will.

I mean, when you think about it, isn't it as important to pray for your children's future spouses as it is to pray for your kids? They'll be half of my grandchildren and hopefully helping to take care of me one day. ;-)

I feel so blessed to have Will feel comfortable enough to ask & tell me *EVERYTHING*; I feel like I have to dig a bit more information out of Annelise, but Will will offer up his heart to me on a silver platter. I know I could've asked my parents anything, too, but *I* was often too shy or embarrassed; I'm so thankful he's not, yet (or hopefully ever?) I love being open & honest with my kids! I could've chatted with him for another 30 minutes tonight before bed, but that school bus comes so early. Wondering what tomorrow night will bring...


  1. So interesting as I had a long conversation with my daughters about college the other day. They wanted to know all about it - and now can't wait to go!!

    Love hearing how you've have such sweet conversations with your little man!

  2. When I was in preschool, I had nightmares that I would go away to college and my parents died when I was away. Scarey stuff for a little kid...I was convinced for a long time that I didn't want to have anything to do with college.

    I'm so glad to hear you having these kinds of discussions with him, about things like college and marriage...I think it helps him feel more open to asking questions from a young age, which is great! I definitely didn't ask questions about stuff like that when I was younger too, and I agree that kids tend to be shy about it.

  3. Right now, Chasity is interested in high school. She tells me at least once a week that she wants to go to (and graduate from) Concord High. SPIDER PRIDE! I couldn't be happier, but I did not marry a Spider and he just doesn't understand! :) I am just hoping her love for education continues forever! :)


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