Gelish: Denim Team Spirit with Bronzed & Wiggle Fingers, Wiggle Thumbs, That's the Way Magic Comes

[What a title, right?! Gelish went a little overboard on the length of their Aurora EFX Special Effects Polish names! :-P]

So now I have three of the six in this collection. They're glitter bombs = ♥♥♥, and I knew I wanted to add the blue "Wiggle Fingers, Wiggle Thumbs, That's the Way Magic Comes" to my teal & purple when #1 - JB asked if I had a blue (his fave color), #2 - Will's baseball team is dark blue, and #3 - it was on clearance at Sally Beauty Supply!!! [I cannot tell you the will power it took for me to walk away w/o also buying "The Great Google Moogly" (Annelise's fave lime green) and "Izzy Wizzy, Let's Get Busy" (sheer pink with pink & blue holographic shimmer) - but I don't *need* that many different Gelish polishes, b/c the whole point of Gelish is not having to change colors so often. I always go three full weeks. ...But I completely reserve the right to pull the trigger on either color that may still be left waiting for me next time I need to go in there. ;-)]

This blue goes on surprisingly solidly, (like the teal, unlike the purple) so I only used *ONE LAYER* (I know, right?!) because I knew I could mask any thickness discrepancies (not that I had any) with the layer of "Bronzed" [a small warm gold glitter] over top. One layer of each gave an amazing, almost denim-like effect:

[I just happened to be wearing jeans! :-D]

I wish I would've cut my fingernails a bit shorter with such a dark color, but I cut them down so much, I was afraid to go more! It's AMAZING how long & strong my natural nails grow with the Gelish on - I'm *still* getting used to having so much to cut after three weeks! :-)

[Just a note - a sweet friend was alarmed when she read a Good Housekeeping article on "the dangers of gel nail polish". I finally found a copy at the store (why doesn't GH put their content online after the hard copies go out like Southern Living, Real Simple, etc.?) and was SO RELIEVED to discover *NONE* of their hazard concerns worried me. Most concerns raised are with other brands, not Gelish; the one Gelish question was in the first bullet point, that "it may irritate skin". Valid concern, but I have used it with absolutely no inflammation, damage, or irritation. Their other big concern was the UV light; I use (& of course recommend!) LED - faster & safer. :-)]

I did my toes the same blue/gold glitter/denim, as well, which look FANTASTIC with my denim wedges! [Will took a pic :-P
but the sun was just too bright! (What an awesome "problem"! :-))] Extra bonus? Will's Brewer's baseball team colors are dark blue & gold! ULTIMATE SPIRIT MOM SUPER SCORE!!!