Red & Black: Bring It On

It's finally official from our youth football league: I'm the new head cheer coach of the JV Falcons for fall football! It's bittersweet to leave the Texans (how cool is it to get to cheer for the hometown NFL team?!) but having our family united on one team instead of split in two all week for practices (last year cheer was M & W, football T, Th, F) and for games will be such a blessing! Just like JB's coaching commitment, mine will also be a multi-year stint.

So bring on all of the red & black Falcons spirit wear & paraphernalia you can find! Anything Falcons that doesn't also say "Atlanta" (sounds tough, but there's a lot out there with just the main logo & colors! Trust me - we're having to hold ourselves back! :-D)

I'm so excited, I even found this cheap red, black, & silver glitter polish (Spoiled by wet n wild "Shuffle the Deck") at CVS! :-) GO FALCONS!!!

Speaking of "Go Falcons!", we won another 7-on-7 passing league game last week! Here's the highlight reel:

[Check out one of Will Blake's huge defensive stops 2:55-3:01!]


  1. Wow - sounds like lots of football and cheerleading in your house in the coming months! What fun!!

  2. That is so awesome that you are all together on the same team! What a great family experience for you! :)

  3. This is honestly the "dream family life" I've always prayed for!!! ♥


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