Vanquished Foe

Last Friday night, our football team scored another major victory: this time against our evil ex-coach from last fall! (This spring 7-on-7 season began before the investigation into him was complete, so he actually has a spring 7-on-7 team; it's rather telling that he didn't contact a single one of our families to ask us if we wanted to be on his team - neither before nor after JB contacted everyone from last year.) The ex's team was awful...and yes, it felt great to shut them out. When it was over, we all clapped & cheered for the ex's son, who used to be our QB = good sportsmanship; JB went through the handshake line...and the ex wouldn't come anywhere close = bad sportsmanship. All par for the course. :-D

Highlight reel!!!

CLICK ON HD & THE ROUNDED-CORNER SQUARE TO WATCH IN FULL SCREEN!!! [If you only have a few seconds, watch 0:39 - 0:51! (And ignore my Casper legs at 1:03 ;-))]



Families celebrating w/ post-game Mexican dinner:


  1. Investigation? That doesn't sound good at all.

  2. It was a serious deal. On the positive side now for JB, this league really stands by its coaches; they don't want to fire anyone just b/c of one or two disgruntled parents. They launched a full investigation, had every single parent on the team submit written statements detailing our complaints, and interviewed JB for hours! At least they're thorough! :-D


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