Fourth Week of Thanks


That my gym was ranked #1 in the country for this 3rd quarter, so we were evaluated by national for the biggest award of the year Monday the 18th and Wednesday the 20th! I wasn't the least bit nervous about my teaching - I know my Zumba classes rock!!! - but I am so thankful for my precious FB friends who lifted up my prayer request: that more members are motivated to get up & come, that I don't flub the company mission & vision statements if quizzed by the auditor, and that God fills that studio with an extra measure of energy, excitement, & spirit! Pray that He uses my classes to not only keep blessing people, but that the magnitude of how He uses them to change lives is VERY apparent! [The auditors *did* come by my class, and they left beaming from ear-to-ear!!! Fingers crossed for our gym to win the national Artistry award!]

For such a blessed Tuesday morning, November 19th! The most relaxing Yin yoga class EVER, followed by Sbux with sweet friends, where the register was malfunctioning, so they gave me my venti 8-pump no-water chai for FREE!!! Got a blush-inducing compliment on my singing in church from another friend who randomly walked in, & on my way out, JB texted that he was done with work early, so we went out to a surprise lunch!!! Tried a new Colombian gem - delish!!!

That I got to volunteer for Will's Eureka science program at school on Wednesday the 20th after Zumba & we got to make oobleck (a colloid experiment) together:

...and then for having Will grab my arm & snuggle me in the middle of everyone during the closing portion of Eureka. ♥

For our pediatric dentist, Dr. Amy! Annelise had a check-up on Wednesday afternoon: she was done in 5 minutes, but it took 8, b/c they needed to FINISH HER MANICURE!!! This lady is a DREAM. She's no more $$$ than any other - totally covered on our dental insurance (for which I am also extremely thankful!) - but I can't even list all her amazing bonus stuff: no-shot fillings done painlessly w/ a laser instead of a drill, TVs w/ your choice of movies, a big family cleaning room so parents can be in w/ the kids if that makes them more comfortable, 20 pairs of funky fun sunglasses the kids can pick from to wear to shield their eyes from the bright overhead light, & of course the manicures for the girls!!! I have BEGGED her to take me on, too!!!!!!

That my heat transfer material arrived Wednesday, and I got our personalized Disney family shirts & Falcons jackets for the kids done Wednesday night:

That I didn't forget to get Will's hair cut Thursday the 21st! (Whew!!! I shudder to think of his unbuzzed head in Disney pics! I mean, check out that shaggy Eureka pic! ;-))

For Will rocking his 4th Grade Musical for three performances on Thursday!!!

That I didn't skip my strength class Friday morning, the 22nd, to stay home & pack. ;-)

For volunteering in Will's class for his Thankful Party, (& that I got to be at their school A LOT this week! :-D))

For an amazing BFF here who is not only taking care of our house and of Bonnie, but she packed a snack bag for the kids for our trip and included the sweetest card. ♥ QUALITY friendship!!!


  1. The shirts turned out great!! Hope y'all have a wonderful Disney trip!!


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