End of Season

Our 7-on-7 spring football season is already over. How can this be? Will's team won the 1st playoff game last Friday night, he scored a TD on a short gain at wide receiver:

(the only play all season I decided to lift my phone & video! :-D) & then - b/c our QB was out - he played QB!!!!!! WHAAAAT?!?! And *did well*!

We had our end of 7-on-7 party after working a SUPER SUCCESSFUL league registration all day last Saturday. I'm so thankful for our Falcons Football Family! ❤🏈❤🏈❤ A month & a half until tackle conditioning...


  1. How wonderful that you got his TD recorded! I'm sure he was pleased with that!

  2. He normally doesn't care...but he *was* glad this time! :-D


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