Morris Island

Y'all *know* we have to make a quick trip to Charleston each time we come to the Carolinas, and we have pretty much perfected maximizing a day trip experience! We always find some new adventures - this last Sunday: Morris Island via Adventure Harbor Tours...after grabbing a few doughnuts (peach cobbler!!!) for breakfast from Glazed:

Howard with Adventure Harbor Tours gave us a FANTASTIC boat trip out to pristine Morris Island to find sharks teeth, starfish, sand dollars, & gorgeous nature!

Hermit crab:


All the sharks teeth we found!

Pristine beach:


On the trip back, we talked more about Fort Sumter history and then stopped for about 15 minutes in the harbor to watch a number of dolphins all around us! Annelise was enchanted...


  1. Haven't visited Glazed - will have to add it to my list of downtown places to try! Glad y'all had a nice visit here!!

  2. It was really good - the only disappointment was the apple bacon fritter: it was greasy, and we got no bacon flavor. :'( The peach cobbler was divine, though, and I loved the simple cinnamon sugar swirl - light, fluffy, & not greasy at all! I WISHED they would have had a few more funky flavors off their menu like Sweet Corn & Blueberry, Kulfi, and Caramel Corn Bar - maybe next time? :-)


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