"A Different Beat" Cheer Dance & Falcons vs. Giants - Part One

We had a fabulous Falcons win, 33-7 over the Giants in our second regular season game last Saturday, September 19th! Will absolutely put on a Defensive End clinic: he had at least *20* tackles for a loss! My girls were INCREDIBLE: they put up two huge liberty stunts & SPUN them (‪#‎proudmom‬ - Annelise is on the left in the videos; she was like a STATUE!!!) and they nailed a kick line & two ripples -- all this with just TWO PRACTICES.

I have two different angles of the halftime dance. The first has a better view of the opening formation, but then gets shaky, b/c the mom stood up while filming. :-P

The second angle is more stable, but you can see me coaching in the corner, (ugh! :-P)

I love the song we used, too: "A Different Beat" by Little Mix. I actually heard it first on So You Think You Can Dance - I hated the dance they did to it, but the words (being proud of who you are, who God made you to be) are perfect for my girls, it has so many transitions, lots of rise & fall, and even marching band drums!

PICS! (Will = #24)

Check out Will stripping the ball!


  1. Annelise looks so happy up there! Great job!

  2. Thanks, Tracey! She really *is* - she definitely has a talent for this! She has 4th grade maturity in a 2nd grade-sized body, which helps, too! :-D


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