Football is BACK!

Saturday was our FIRST FOOTBALL GAME of the season, and I couldn't be prouder of my Falcons Family!!! Solid (*preseason*) win 26-7 vs. the Broncos: Will had a HUGE fumble recovery, 2 sacks, & 3 tackles at DE. My girls cheered SPECTACULARLY, and our dance & stunts looked fantastic! (Hoping to have a halftime dance video to share soon from one of the parents.) We versed my BFF in our division, Angie, so it was great to get to see her girls perform, and I got to see our other Cheertator (what we call our Cheer Committee! :-D) BFFs while doing field duty. I had invaluable support from my beloved assistant coach¹ Sarah, who brought all our girls matching sunglasses, and I'm just so thankful FOOTBALL SEASON IS BACK!!!

¹YES! You read that right: an assistant coach, and I'm happy about it! This lady is one of my cheer moms who stepped up to do the cheer uniforms for the whole league this year, and we've gotten close on Cheer Committee. She was with us Cheertators when we choreographed the new Hello Cheer & Camp Dance, and since she knew them, she asked if I minded her standing in the back & doing them with our girls at practice...which turned into her always being a helping hand! It's absolutely perfect: two years ago, the assistant thing was really not fun, b/c that lady had been a head coach before, she wanted to choreograph most of the dances, & I felt like I had to let her, so I wasn't like the mean coach I assisted my first year here; it was just awkward, & I felt like I was always compromising what I preferred for her. Last year, I ran my own show all by myself, which was very satisfying...but I did miss little detail fixes occasionally, b/c I didn't have another set of eyes on almost twenty girls. This year is THE BEST, b/c Sarah has no interest whatsoever in head coaching, choreographing anything, or wanting to take over; she purely just wants to hang out, jump around for a little extra exercise, and be supportive! #heaven She's helping clean up some messy arms when I'm working on the big picture, she's my sounding board for advice when I can't decide b/t 2 options, and she's doing all the official Team Mom stuff (fundraiser & Picture Day money & form collecting, ordering new cheer bows, etc.) that I couldn't get dependable help with before. This year is going to be the best ever...

[Annelise flying, holding "GO"]

[Will, #24]

[Yelling cheers even during water breaks]


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