Mid-September Catch Up

Really, it's not that I don't miss posting. (I'm not even posting much on FB!!! *shocking* :-P) I just spend so much time online taking care of cheer stuff that I don't really want to spend much extra rec time online these days. My other issue is being stuck waiting, b/c I'm overly-obsessed with posting in chronological order. :-D I don't have time to take pics & video at our football games, so I have to rely on our Falcons families to document them and then beg & wait (& beg & wait & beg & wait & beg & wait) for them to send them to me. (How can everyone NOT be as high priority about photographic evidence as I am?!?! ;-)) So I still don't even have performance videos of our first two halftime shows to share. (You can see them on my wall, if you're my FB friend, b/c the moms tagged me, but I can't share them here. As soon as I get the actual files, I'll add them to our Falcons YouTube channel.)

So in the meantime...

Texas' beloved Blue Bell ice cream came back to stores a few weeks ago, and you would have thought it was Christmas! There were countdowns, it was the number one news story, and everybody was obsessed with posting their #bluebellisback pictures. One of my cheer dads brought little Blue Bell cups for all the girls after practice that first day it came back out:

We made the best of not having any football on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend and went down to Surfside with friends. We always find adventure! This time, a fisherman caught a big ray that we got to pet:

It turns out that Killen's BBQ is actually right on the way home from the beach for us, so we braved the hour-long wait in line, again...and yes, it was worth it!

I took a good portion of the next two days and caught up on 6 months of digital scrapbooking, (just over 30 pages.)

Random cute pic of Will & Bonnie passed out:

Stay tuned for a few good football pics sent from that first game and my Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale fashion show! :-P ;-)


  1. Sounds like some fun and busy days!! Look forward to the fashion show!


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