Beast Mode Flying High

Guess what JB & I started on Monday, after Annelise's first big competition on Sunday?!?! BEAST MODE (Adrenaline's *PARENT TEAM*) began! JB actually knows how to base & back spot, b/c he & some football teammates cheered for basketball in college. I'm so ridiculously excited about it, and to do this now with my husband & new Adrenaline friends?! This. Is. Awesome.
I get to be a FLYER, y'all!!! And get this: we're going to COMPETE against other parent teams at our competition in New Orleans in January!!! :-O ❤️

I know it might seem kind of ridiculous, but I don't even care! Never in a million years would I have thought I'd get to do this at 38 years old! :-D And to have JB doing it with me, and to see how proud Annelise is of both of us out there – it is just truly the most unexpected joy!


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