Krispy Kreme + Feed the Hunger

Krispy Kremes are the BEST doughnuts on earth. Hands down. Not up for debate. I love their plain original glazed; in general, I do not like cake doughnuts. (Up north, people go nuts for apple cider & spice cake doughnuts each fall; you'd think I'd like that, but they're just not my jam.) So when KK announced they were making their *original glazed* with *pumpkin spice* for ONE DAY ONLY in October, I was SO EXCITED to try... and then I was crushed that it was also Annelise's Eureka science program day at school, and I wouldn't have time to go. Fast forward to last week: due to the tremendous reception, KK decided to do it one day in November, too!!!
I went after Zumba!!! And they sooo lived up to the hype!!! Krispy Kreme FOREVAH!!! #ogpumpkinspice

On a completely different, also incredibly satisfying note: last Friday, the kids & I volunteered with Feed the Hunger, packing thousands of meals that will be sent to hungry people in Haiti, as well as in rural Appalachia here in America. I won't lie: Will was not super excited to go, at first... but I think he ended up having more fun than any of us! :-D It was so satisfying to do so much good for so many people so quickly. We packed 116 boxes at 240 meals each = 27,840 meals for children in just our session! It was a record-breaking total overall:

It was the perfect way for God to help us prepare for Thanksgiving...


  1. I missed the pumpkin spice Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!! Maybe next year!

  2. I'll keep you posted, if I hear of them doing it, again! :-)


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