Finishing Strong

Will finished his first junior high football season with a fantastic game last Tuesday night! He played almost every single defensive snap & probably 25% of the offensive plays. Such an awesome way to close out this year! We even won 30-7, to finish 5-2 overall.

Here he is, #34 in white, closest to us, right as he pancakes a defender, thus clearing the way for this huge touchdown:

Bears final 2016 winning playoff huddle:

I'm always so sad when Will's football seasons officially come to an end and I know I have to wait until the next August to see him in action again, but I'm so proud...

PS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY!!! Today is JB's bday, and to prove Will is his mini-me above, here he is his senior year of high school:


  1. Wow - he is his dad's mini me!! Hope JB had a great birthday!!


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