Mid-April Thankfuls

Thankful this week for:
•my mom coming to dogsit while we’re at Summit (the Super Bowl of competition cheer) in FL next month, so we don’t have to board then-16-year-old Bonnie! (Yes, we’d already gotten her shots, so she earned a puppuccino!)
•JB & I celebrating 16 years of marriage; 20 years together ❤️ (we had two anniversary dinners! oooo & ahhh! :-D)
•our competition cheer family sharing our (technical) season-end banquet and for this group of parents who truly gets along, even in the crazy, high-stakes competition world! (We’re the ANTI-Dance Moms!!!)
•singing on Praise Team with quality friends who edify & encourage
•family movie nights, prepping each week for our church’s April Sunday sermon series, “God in the Movies” - Wonder, Lion, & next week The Greatest Showman
•it *finally* being school cheer tryouts week - feels like we’ve been waiting for this for. eh. ver. (& will be even more thankful when it’s over Sat night!)
•the dates working for Will to go to church camp this summer
•JB trying new recipes we find (an edited version (no veggies, chicken stock instead of tomato juice) of Danny Seo’s sunflower seed risotto FTW!)
•bubble tea
•the newest PiYo round to learn & then teach for May/June
•being asked to teach Zumba for an upcoming latin rhythms focus in Annelise’s school choir
•the kids being excited to sign up for the Feed the Hunger Packathon coming in May (we did it Nov 2016 & it really stuck with them!)
Zipfizz on sale at Costco (blueberry raspberry is my fave!!! orange cream & black cherry 2nd & 3rd)
•the ability to lift heavy at barbell
•restorative Yin yoga that heals & resets everything
•the Waze app that helped me avoid this insanity the one morning of the week I drive towards the city & the grace to enjoy the glory of the greenery on the backstreets on my way in:


  1. Love that picture of Annelise and Bonnie!! Glad your mom's able to take care of Bonnie while y'all are gone (and I'm sure Bonnie's glad, too ;)

    Happy belated anniversary!! Continuing to pray for school cheer tryouts and for Summit!


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