Cheer Truth

Annelise’s final 7th grade football game to cheer (Will plays 3 more games for high school) was last Monday...right after a NASTY cold front (90° Sunday; 53° & RAIN that Monday night! :-O #unacceptable) came through. The girls powered through (the entire stadium was miserable!!!) & they brought the singular joy. :-D Side note: proud of myself for 1) making it all the way through her football cheer season w/o canceling a PiYo class (her games & my Mon night class overlapped at least a bit almost every week) and 2) remembering to bring fleece-lined leggings & Wellies for after teaching!
(Mentoring 6th graders on Pep Squad who want to try out for cheer in April)

7th & 8th grade also got to cheer together at one of our elementary schools Friday morning, too:

They’re having their professional squad pictures taken late this week, they cheer their final football game for the *high school* with the high school JV squad next week, and then they start cheering for basketball November-February.

Y’all, she is sooo good at this - best smile out there...but honestly, she doesn’t love it as much as competition cheer. That still stuns me. She said first off that I made our old youth squad so much better than this (really?!?!?) b/c I was a tougher coach, and I “wasn’t boring” b/c I pushed them more. Sooo yeah, I can see that... You have to be amazing to initially make this squad, but I can’t lie - I have thought on more than one occasion: “now they should be doing x” & “they need to do y.” If only the district would allow non-full-time-employee assistant cheer coaches... ;-) So I guess I should take it as a compliment that it’s not as amazing as I was! ;-) HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! :-D :-P Let’s pray that cheering for basketball opens up a whole new love for cheer that she hasn’t experienced, yet! Maybe her cheer coach has a stronger basketball background & they’ll learn more? I think cheering football was possibly a little more boring, b/c she also already knew every.single.cheer. (My fault, again! ;-)) We’ve never been a part of any basketball cheer, so yay for a clean slate w/o me having set any ridiculously high standards. :-P :-D


  1. They look so cute all bundled up and still cheering!!! Since my daughter's school doesn't have football, they cheer for fall soccer and then basketball. She's always enjoyed cheering for basketball more than soccer.

    However, this year she's not cheering during basketball season because she wants to focus on playing basketball. Last year she was able to do both, since the girls' basketball games are before the guys' games, and she was able to change from one uniform to the next and go right out and cheer. Now she's decided she wants to concentrate on basketball this year without the distraction of cheer. She'll still go to some of the weekly cheer practices since she'll be part of the squad that competes in their school's state competition in February. I'm interested to see how this all goes for the next few months.

    Hope Annelise enjoys cheering for basketball!!

    1. Congratulations to her on basketball!!! That sounds so exciting! And extra awesome that she still gets to compete with cheer, too! I can’t wait to follow along…


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