Mid-October Us

• Ideal Blake afternoon: JB & Will went to a Lamborghini event:
...while I saw Annelise (left flyer) & her competition team, Rage, click on another positive level:

• Fun with *my* friends, singing on Sunday morning & sharing gym time:

• Speaking of gym friends, our very own super close Krispy Kreme finally had its GRAND OPENING! Best/worst news ever: it’s literally *straight* across the street from my local boutique gym!!! :-O The driveway openings even line up. On Opening Day, I taught Zumba, then PiYo-ed, and *THEN* hit up KK with my gym BFFs. Well-deserved! #hotnow #guiltfree

• Crazy excited: perfect Halloween outfit procured with much patience & favor!

Long version: I need a Halloween outfit, b/c I’m teaching Zumba at my local boutique gym’s Spooktacular Dance Party next weekend; so it needs to be something I can seriously move around in - not lots of pieces, not super warm, not anything I can get caught up in, & obviously not inappropriate. (Last year, I wore my old dance recital costume from my junior year of high school! It was pretty memorable, so I need something different, before that comes back into rotation. :-P) I’m also SUPER cheap, so I’m not up for investing more than $20 in this. I saw online where H&M had this cool skeleton dress that I thought would totally work for $12.99! Not just a skeleton: it had amazing flowers all over it, too – totally Día de los Muertos = extra Texan. ;-) I waited until I was teaching at the fancy city gym that’s actually beside an H&M, so I could go in person last week…but they didn’t have the dress in store. :-/ When I went back online to order, it was completely sold out in every size. :’( I kept refreshing the page daily, just in case stock was added. There was another plain skeleton dress added Tuesday, so I almost pulled the trigger that night; but I waited, hoping I could check the sizes in person the next day after teaching in the city (+ avoid paying shipping!) When I walked in, there it was: the *flower* version! I was so thankful to try on: they had all 3 sizes I was waffling b/t…which is a good thing, b/c had I ordered online, I would’ve chosen WRONG - it runs way smaller than most of my clothes! Last bit of grace? I didn’t have my wallet with me, b/c I’d been teaching my class next door; I was going to ask if they could hold the dress while I went to go get my card, but blessed day: they even take Apple Pay, so I only needed my phone! $14 total. No shipping. The right size. The better version. PRAISE! I’m going to get as much mileage out of this sucker as possible, so prepare to see me teach multiple classes in it Halloween week and maybe even wear it out & about, since it’s an actual dress, not just a costume! :-D

• Annelise & I hung out and had delish free dinner with pro football legend Herschel Walker on Wednesday night! (He owns a new pizza restaurant close to our house and came for the grand opening party!) I told him straight up I have no love for the cowboys, but we love the DAWGS! :-D He even autographed a card for Will, since he wasn’t with us & Will is our family’s most staunch Georgian. Herschel is so kind & genuine, seriously taking time to chat with everyone!

• Will had a blah freshman football loss Thursday - extra blah coming off our bye week; but Will (71) still had some positives: he was double-teamed the whole time by 2 guys 3x his size, and I was really impressed with how long he could block them. He was at Center for our longest & best touchdown drive and also recovered a fumble on the last play for a bit of yardage, so hopefully he’ll take that mojo into the last 3 weeks of the season:

Stay tuned for Annelise’s last junior high football game cheered! (Junior high season ends earlier than high school.)


  1. Y'all have been busy, as usual! :) Will looks pretty cool in the driver's seat of that car!! Glad the dress/costume situation worked out in your favor!


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